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The information on this site illustrate my last years research interest. For this reason, other sides of my musical activity are not presented here (at least, for now :) ).

There are much more projects and ideas I’m working at, but here I have placed only finished ones and the most interesting and important works.

Of course, a lot of my researches were almost impossible to finish without my co-authors and colleagues. Thanks for your enthusiasm and help!

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My Experiences

  • Head of Sound Engineering and ICT Department

    Rostov State Rakhmaninov Conservatoire

    2004 - present

    Training activities of the department, scheduling workload, curriculum development • Organization of scientific activities of the department • Maintaining copyright courses “Computer modeling of a musical text” and “Workshop of Information” for the students of Theory of Music and Composition, Sound Engineering faculties • Giving of lectures and private lessons in the subject “The electronic and computer music” for the students of Theory of Music and Composition, Sound Engineering faculties • Providing lecture courses in “Modern Information Technologies” and ” Musical Information Technologies” subjects

  • Professor of Piano Department

    Rostov State Rakhmaninov Conservatoire

    2000 - present

    Teaching piano of all courses for concert performers (concert pianist and teacher) • The scientific leadership of the final qualifying research projects of the students of “Piano” and “Musical sound engineering” specialties • Maintaining copyright course “Piano Performance and Don Land Pedagogy” for the students of the piano faculty

  • Piano and Chamber Ensemble Teacher

    Rostov College of Arts

    1994 - present

    Vocational piano and chamber ensemble training for piano department students

  • Ian Whalley

    University of Waikato
    I was very impressed with your composing system and the works!
  • Ajay Kapur

    Stanford University
    Cool! Thanks for sharing!
  • Dugal McKinnon

    Lilburn Electroacoustic Music Studios
    All best wishes for this project and for workshop!
  • Ian WhalleyUniversity of Waikato
  • Ajay KapurStanford University
  • Dugal McKinnonLilburn Electroacoustic Music Studios

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