• TongArk


    Human-Machine Ensemble – 2016-today

    Here we investigate computer system possibilities in creating and transforming musical material under artistic and procedural circumstances built on some perception and analysis of a sound realization of the creative concept, and the external manifestation of emotions by a human agent.

    Software reveals the interactive duet “human / software agents” in which the latter perceives the part performed by the human agent, and makes an ambient sound in its own musical part using the genetic algorithm. The human agent controls the software agent’s performance by means of some change in emotions shown on the face.

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  • ColorEmotion


    Augmented Reality – 2014-2015

    Two issues are the most important in mobile creativity using augmented reality, which give us a lot of new possibilities: virtual space and ‘real’ mobility. The whole system gives to musicians – both composer and performer – a virtual scene with abilities of total control. Hence, a musician becomes a producer and a conductor of this specific virtual concert stage. It becomes possible to put ‘virtual’ performers everywhere according to prepared or spontaneous concept; it opens a possibility to change shape and structure of such space during performance; we can give to the listener an ability to jump to every point of this space. It is also important that these processes work visually and in real-time. Technically, a computer agent is a virtual space generator, the mobile device works as a navigator and/or a ‘window’ into this space. As a result, we have a ‘personal’ virtual space, which we have visualized and interacted with.

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    Distributed Performance – 2009-2013

    Almost ten years ago the researching ideas of interactive music and virtual musical space were materialized into creative and scientific project, which we called in a manner of modern epoch: EXPLAIN (EXPerimental Laptop INtercommunication). Per se, this is both an artistic experiment and a researching project. Today it is for 80 per cent a research and just about 20 per cent – the way to get a new musical experience. To gain this, we also developed the special musical software.

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    Now you are just in one step to a collection of new amazing and helpful musical games. For the first look they are just games, but actually they can offer you much more. They can teach you and entertain you, be your reliable and fair sparring partner and trainer, funny friend and even more. The motto of our project is “Improve Your Ear for Music With Fun”

    Our project is designed for wide audience – from amateurs to professionals. For everyone, who wants to improve his/her ear for music ability. And, of course, our software is developed for teachers to help them in their every day routine.

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  • Orchestra Styles History

    Orchestra Styles History

    History of Music, 2006

    This course has been developed for theoretical-composition faculty of Rostov Rachmaninov State Conservatoire.

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  • Real-Time Composer

    Real-Time Composer


    RealTime Composer is a very simple program of making your own ‘soundspaces’.

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